How to Set Up a Website

Businesses that don’t have a website are missing out on opportunities to be known to the world. With the availability of the most popular website builders these days, there is really no excuse for a business not to have a website. Setting up a website is not as hard as you may think. With the right tools and guide, you can build a site within just minutes. Here are steps to following when building a site:

Pick a Domain Name

Your domain name needs to be related to your business. It can be your business name itself but you have to make it short so your visitors can easily remember it. The domain name is the word that your visitors will type on their browser to find your site. Check if your domain name is still available. If so, add it to your cart. If not, pick another one.

Pick a Hosting Package

Web hosting is what makes your website visible online. Your site cannot go live without it. Hosting package varies by hosts so make sure to pick one that works for your business. There are many kinds of web hosting including dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPN hosting, and more. With shared hosting, you get to share a server with other websites while dedicated hosting means you get to lease one server for your site. VPN hosting allows you to enjoy the benefit of dedicated hosting without the cost. To get started, it is best to choose shared hosting, especially if your budget is limited.

Install a Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is a software which powers your site. Pick a drag and drop website builder tool that can be included in your hosting package. The best website builders come with different features, themes, and colors for you to choose from. This makes customizing your site possible and easy.

Design and Publish your Website

With the right website builder, you can design your site exactly how you would like. You just need to drag and drop your content to create your desired site. When designing your site, keep both aesthetics and functionality in mind. You need to make your site visually appealing to capture the attention of your target audience. Once you get noticed, you want to ensure your site is easy to navigate and has fresh and original content that your visitors will find useful. Publish your site when it is ready.

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